Norma Jean, Spoken, and Lifecurse at Sweet Melissa’s – photos

Atlanta’s Norma Jean played a blistering set of metallic hardcore in the space above Sweet Melissa’s Thursday night to a very energetic and very dedicated all ages crowd. The band was, and I quote, “totally fucking sick”. Well, that may be a crude way to put it, but it is also pretty damn accurate. I missed local openers Me and the Trinity, Dying Whale and Badillacs, but did get some shots of Spoken and Lifecurse. The sound is much, much, much better upstairs than in the basement.

A couple photos here and then way more than usual after the jump, because youthful energy and hardcore bands make for good photos.

Norma Jean-5

Norma Jean-9

Sweet Melissas-1

Sweet Melissas-2






Norma Jean-1

Norma Jean-2

Norma Jean-3

Norma Jean-4

Norma Jean-6

Norma Jean-7

Norma Jean-8

Norma Jean-10

Norma Jean-11

Norma Jean-12

Norma Jean-13

Norma Jean-14

Norma Jean-15

Norma Jean-16

Norma Jean-17

And…oh, yeah! Glowing drumkit!?!

Norma Jean-18