Band of Horses’ acoustic tour stops in Savannah on 3/3

Band of Horses’ highly anticipated acoustic tour stop in Savannah is coming up on Monday, 3/3. The show has been sold out for a while, but if you’re still looking for tickets and are convenient to downtown, you might just want to show up at the Trustees Theater box office on Monday evening.

We’ve posted quite a few times about Band of Horses since this blog was founded in September 2013, including photos here and here of their last-minute show at The Wormhole.

I love that BOH has gravitated toward acoustic work, which has culminated with the release of the stunningly good new album Acoustic at the Ryman (stream it here). These acoustic songs really showcase the sheer beauty of Ben Bridwell’s voice.

Here’s “Detlef Schrempf” on Letterman a few nights ago:

And here’s another well-produced video from public radio station KEXP in Seattle — just three of the members:

Here’s “Heartbreak on the 101” recorded live at the Hollywood sign, interspersed with brief interview footage: