Savannah Stopover 2014 Spotlight: TORRES

I’ve got a major soft spot for singer songwriters, so seeing TORRES in the lineup for Stopover this year got me pretty excited. The project that is TORRES is headed by Mackenzie Scott, a Macon, GA native who’s called Nashville home ever since moving there for school in 2009.

TORRES may fall into the classic singer songwriter category but it is far from run of the mill. Drawing clear influences from classic artists like Cat Power as well as contemporaries like Laura Stevenson and Sharon Van Etten, TORRES’ self-titled debut album released last year carries an incredible amount of raw emotion. Combined with Scott’s slightly raspy, sometimes hushed, sometimes explosive vocals, the imagery made for an incredible experience that made the debut album a sleeper hit for many, including myself. Indeed, TORRES’s work didn’t remain unnoticed for long as she not only made Artist of the Month on Macon’s own The Blue Indian, but also gathered recognition from publications such as Pitchfork who awarded her track Honey with “Best New Track” as well as a strong review of her self titled LP overall.

Be sure to check out TORRES’s debut album from last year and make a stop to City Coffee at 11pm on Saturday, March 8th to catch her set.