Casket Girls tour vehicle totaled – support by purchasing their new LP

Just a few days into their Graveface Roadshow tour, Savannah’s The Casket Girls posted unsettling news on their Facebook page yesterday:

“No one is injured but our tour vehicle was totaled this morning. We’re playing Mercury Lounge tonight once we figure out how to get there.”

The synth-fueled gloom-pop band, comprised of Ryan Graveface and Elsa & Phaedra Greene, with Peter Seeba as this tour’s drummer, was en route to New York’s Mercury Lounge to perform with labelmates Stargazer Lilies when the accident happened. Graveface and co. have 5 weeks of shows booked, stretching all the way to California and back to Savannah, with a stop at SXSW in Austin, TX and final show back home at Graveface Fest.

Fans can support by purchasing The Casket Girls’ brand-new LP, True Love Kills The Fairy Tale; according to their fan page:

“Graveface is putting 100% of our bandcamp sales to rental vehicle costs etc so if you haven’t grabbed our new album already, please consider grabbing it here:”


album art from The Casket Girls bandcamp

album art from The Casket Girls bandcamp

No one can bruise and break your heart while making you tap your toes like The Casket Girls. While the Phil Spector-esque hooks and swelling synths that defined their debut, Sleepwalking, still remain a staple, True Love focuses less on mysticism and the spectral and focuses more on loss and complex endings to relationships. Click through to download and donate to the cause.