Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 1/16/14 – 1/21/14

Hi guys,
Just as expected, last weekend was full of good music. I was just in a discussion with a friend about what my favorite show of the weekend was, then I realized that I was listing too many choices. Of course, now that I am on my own blog I can talk about as many bands as I want 🙂   Lobo Marino at the Sentient Bean on Friday were excellent, they will be on my list every time they come to town. Not very often I get to see a harmonium. I think the Burning Mansions should play at the Jinx every time they put on one of their rare shows, what a great venue for their Black Sabbath-type sound. I thought Tonto at Hang Fire was one of the best shows I have seen Anders Thomsen and company play. The Accomplices always put on a good show at Molly MacPherson’s and they did not disappoint on Saturday. Although I am not always in the mood for punk music, Priests at Graveface Records on Sunday were a pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed the show. And Ray Lundy at Foxy Loxy on Tuesday was the perfect way to end my musical week, one of my favorite venues with one of my favorite musicians playing to a great crowd.

Don’t worry, if you missed last weekend, this weekend looks like it will be just as good, although it will be a little colder. There are several shows that I have very high expectations for.  This will be another long music weekend, with an all-day show at Doc’s on Sunday that is not to be missed.  On to the picks.

Thursday 1/16
Jason BibleRocks on the Roof – An acoustic show from the Train Wrecks frontman
TimeCop vs. DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – Matt and Zac from the Accomplices

Friday 1/17
WallerDub’s Pub (8p) – Bluegrass music at Dub’s.  A great way to start the evening.
Rachel Kate, Lovely Locks, Waits & Co. – Jinx (10p) – Any of these bands are worth seeing on their own.  I expect an excellent show.  Don’t miss any of these acts, especially former Shaniqua Brown singer Rachel Kate.
HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – I will be back and forth to this show several times.  This is one of my favorite party bands in town.

Saturday 1/18
Train WrecksWarehouse (8p) – The Train Wrecks are another band that has somehow turned into one of the old-timers around town.
Soul GravyMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – Guitar rock band
McLovinsCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Sound kind of Bob Seger-ish to me, for better or worse.
Miggs, Knife, Electric ParkHang Fire (10p) – This will be an intense show of hip-hop music at Hang Fire.

Sunday 1/19
Ryan Buttimer FundraiserDoc’s on Tybee (1p) – Another choice for best show of the week.  This will be an all-day affair with Annie Allman, Samuel Adams Band, Michael Moody Band, Train Wrecks, Damon & The Shitkickers, Burning Mansions, Niche, and Bottles & Cans.  This could be one of the biggest gatherings of local musicians for all of 2014, and all for only $5.

Monday 1/20
Craig Tanner & Mr. Williams Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln (9:30p) – As I have said before, open mics tend to be hit and miss, but this one has a Mr. Williams blues set early

Tuesday 1/21
Ricardo & SashaFoxy Loxy (8p) – I would expect some good gypsy music from two of the members of Velvet Caravan.
Meklit HandoDollhouse – Soul, jazz, R&B music from Ethiopia.