Dope Sandwich launches Kickstarter, takes over Hang Fire on 1/18

Dope Sandwich, the Savannah-based hip hop label that has been at the forefront of the local scene for over a decade, has entered the new year with new goals and ambitions.

With plans to release three albums in 2014 — by F.E.B, KNife, and Miggs — Dope Sandwich has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a plethora of diverse rewards. Check out the campaign. Here’s the accompanying video:

And here’s one from KNife:

On Saturday, 1/18, Dope Sandwich is presenting a show at Hang Fire featuring Miggs, Electric Park, The Difference Machine, and KNife. Click here for the Facebook event.

Bill DeYoung has a revealing interview with KNife (Kedrick Mack) in this week’s Connect Savannah: A new beginning for Dope Sandwich.

Savannah was the home of Big Boi and the late Camoflauge, we have a number of talented acts active right now, there are regular hip hop nights at The Jinx, hip hop gets prominent play on local radio, and the genre seems wildly popular around town, especially among young people. Despite all those and other assets, the local scene isn’t always supported as much as it seems like it would be.

It’s good to see Dope Sandwich hitting the ground running in 2014.