Graveface Fest 2 features Kylesa, The Casket Girls, more

Graveface Fest 2 is scheduled for March 22, 2014 at Dollhouse Productions. The second Savannah festival sponsored by Graveface Records (under the guidance of Ryan Graveface) has announced a great lineup: Kylesa, The Casket Girls, Dreamend, The Stargazer Lilies, Crazy Bag Lady, Blackrune, and mumbledust. More bands will be added.

The first Graveface Fest in October 2012 was held at Southern Pine Company and was a big success. Click here for a short review and some photos.

We love the Dollhouse space for big events like this, and Kylesa has already packed the place once (click here for pics). Presumably, Kylesa’s hard rock will close out the festival, which includes several bands on the Graveface label and an interesting mix of styles. I’m especially glad to see that the folk noir band mumbledust seems to be gearing up for more performances after many months in the shadows.

More details to come. (Of course, Graveface Fest has already been added to our list of notable upcoming gigs in the Savannah area.)