Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 12/19/13-12/23/13

Hey guys,

Sorry about the late post this week, I’ve been kinda been busy thinking about Christmas shopping.  By the way, shop downtown, you will be surprised how much easier it is than going to the malls.  As expected, it was a very good music week last week.  There were almost too many highlights to mention.  Starting with the Gil Cruz Roast, next night at the Wormhole for the excellent Consider The Source show (I can’t imagine that they will be playing small venues for much longer), then the weekend wrap-up with the Holiday Hoedown at the American Legion (Super great, congrats to all involved) and the American Aquarium show at the Jinx, even into the week with Motor City Josh at Bay Street Blues, this was an excellent week to see music.  Sad to say, but this week is a little slower.  At least it gives me a chance to catch up on Christmas shopping.  There are a few good shows, these are the ones I would recommend.  And, before I forget, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday 12/19

Danielle Hick and the 8-Ohm BandThe Mansion On Forsyth – I expect that Danielle’s musical stylings will fit well into the Mansion vibe, it should be a good time.  This is a part of Eric Britt’s new Songwriter Series.

Jason Bible Warehouse – Solo show from the Train Wrecks’ frontman

TimeCop vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s – Matt Eckstine and Zac Smith from the Accomplices.  I like to call this drinking music.

Friday 12/20

Bottles & CansRocks On The Roof – I am always gonna catch Bottles & Cans whenever I can, even at Rocks On The Roof

Soul GravyMolly MacPherson’s – Music from another side project from members of the Accomplices.  Last time I saw them, this group consisted of Zac Smith and the lovely Colleen Heine from the Accomplices, along with Cory Chambers of City Hotel.  Should be a good show from some really great musicians.

Saturday 12/21

Les RacquetMolly MacPherson’s – These guys have been highly recommended to me, and I have been trying to catch them for a while.  This looks like the best chance to see them.  And anytime you are at Molly MacPherson’s, you could have a good time.   Just confirmed, they will not be playing Saturday.  I guess I will have to wait on another chance to see them.  They were replaced with another excellent show:

HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s – Garage rock trio from Savannah.  They always put on a good show.  And will probably have you dancing to many tunes that you have never heard covered before.

Lullwater, American MannequinsJinx – Two rock bands from Athens.  Judging from a quick listen on YouTube, Lullwater seems a little heavier than American Mannequins.  As usual, I am expecting an evening of good music at the Jinx.

Monday 12/23

Brett Trammell Warehouse

Craig Tanner’s Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln – You never really know what you are gonna get at an open mic, but Craig and Mr. Williams seldom disappoint.