The Business + The Attack at The Jinx – photos

I often hear complaints that Savannah doesn’t get enough punk shows, and that the bands that do play are usually on the metal side of the punk spectrum. Well, make no mistake, Saturday night at The Jinx was a punk show, street punk or Oi! if you want to get more specific. The crowd was an interesting mix of Jinx regulars, drinkers, out of towners, and even some Doc Marten/suspenders/white tee shirt dudes that I don’t often see at Savannah shows. Overall, a really strong turnout and a great night of music.

Orlando based punk/hardcore crew The Attack opened the night with a classic sound that The Jinx crowd warmed to after a couple songs. The energetic songs and breakdowns quickly got the crowd moving and a lively pit lasted through much of the set. The Attack was really entertaining and I’d love to see them come through town on a regular basis.

The Business, of course, was the highlight of the night. Micky Fitz’s Oi! outfit has been touring and recording since the late 70’s, and it shows, in the best possible way. During the first song, though, I started to worry that they were just going through the motions, another reunion tour where the band sounds great but it’s obvious their hearts aren’t in it. Thankfully, Mickey Fitz was just sizing up the crowd and the energy level really built, both on stage and off. There was a lot of beer in the air (literally), a stage dive(!), a little crowd surfing and a really active pit. The band was really polished and sounded awesome with their anthemic singalongs about drinking and soccer. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Plenty more pictures after the jump.