Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 11/19/13-11/24/13

Hey guys,

A new week, a new blog.  I do hope that some of you reading this get to make it out to a show or two this week.  I think I will try adding in a “most excited about” show recommendation or two weekly.  Of course, sometimes I will get it wrong and pick a so-so show, so bear with me, I hope to be right most of the time.
This week’s picks and recommendations:

Tuesday 11/19/13
Arpetrio, OmingnomeWormhole (9pm); Omingnome’s last show before their tour.  Arpetrio is an electronica band.

Wednesday 11/20/13
Os Mutantes, CapsulaDollhouse Studios – Although the location has been open for a while, I haven’t made it to Dollhouse yet.  This show looks like my chance.  Os Mutants are a 60’s Brazillian psychedelic band.  Seeing as I have never seen Brazillian Psychedelia, this is gonna be my pick of the week.  This show was recommended by Ray Lundy, that make me really look forward to it.

Thursday 11/21/13
Futurebirds, New Madrid, TriathalonJinx – Stopover Band Announcement – Triathalon (10p), Announcement (10:40), New Madrid (11p), Futurebirds (12mn)  – I have never seen the Futurebirds, but I know if Kayne and the Stopover folks picked them, they will be good.  And don’t forget, it’s your last chance for early-bird discount tickets for the Savannah Stopover.
New FamiliarsMolly MacPherson’s – I will be slipping down to Molly’s during a break to catch this great Americana band from North Carolina.

Friday 11/22/13
Eric CulbersonRail Pub (6-9)
Danielle Hicks & The 8 Ohm ResistanceMoon River (6-9)
Magic RocksWarehouse (8p) – Fun 70’s & 80’s covers.  And you get to see drunk tourists dance.
HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – Garage rock trio.
Ross Fish, Wet Socks, Blackrune, Rotten BlushHang Fire (9:30)
Scott H. Biram Jinx (10p) – The Dirty Old One Man Band.  That really says it all.

Saturday 11/23/13
Michael Allman BandWormhole (8p) – Gregg’s son.  Annie Allman is playing with the opening act.  I have been told that this is going to be a good show, looking forward to it.

Wet Socks, Sauna Heat, ForcedEntryThe Barbershop (34th & Bull) – 8pm

Bottles & CansBlowin Smoke (7p)
Train WrecksMolly MacPherson’s (10p)
Sweet KnevilCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Funk-jam band from Athens.

Sunday 11/24/13
Lyn AvenueCity Market (5:30) – Savannah band, country-rock, female lead singer.  Haven’t seen them yet.