The Michael Allman Band plays first Savannah gig at The Wormhole on Saturday

This is a guest post by Liz Henderson:

A couple of weeks ago, I was dancing in the streets of Crystal River (FL) at the Stone Crab Fest as The Michael Allman Band rocked the stage and the audience. If you are wondering who Michael Allman is, well he’s the son of a legend and his name invites the obvious comparison to his dad Gregg. However, Michael is a talented individual in his own right and a rightful continuation of the Allman legacy.

His band opened with “Elizabeth Reed” and scattered other Allman Brothers classics like “One Way Out,” “Statesboro Blues,” and Michael’s favorite “Soulshine” throughout the show. Yes, there are hints of his father’s voice, but Michael has a voice that can stand on its own merits. He eased from the soulful sound of “Circus Full of Clowns” into gritty blues tune “Mule Named Whiskey.” And, it’s through these original songs, which he says are “written to express his true feelings, true stories, and reality,” where he really shines.

“My life story made me ready to sing the blues,” he said. Exuding a laid-back stage presence, Michael appeared to enjoy both the music and the audience, tossing out jokes between songs. Best of all, he came across as just a genuinely nice guy in a world where egos often reign.


Michael has surrounded himself with a standout group of musicians: Rafaello Tazmaco Siacca (bass), Artie Wilder (drums), Mark Shane (lead guitar), Ronnie Ray (rhythm and lead guitar), and Lonny Sarao (keyboards). There was an obvious chemistry between Michael and the band, as well as among the band members themselves. The high caliber of the band was evident as each member was showcased at one point or another throughout the show.

With “Whipping Post” playing in the background, I wondered aloud what it would take to get this group to Savannah. It didn’t take long to get an answer. Michael’s friend and roadie Ted Anders informed me that they would be here in Savannah on Saturday, November 23 at the Wormhole.

I already have my tickets. You’ll find me in that crowd dancing right up by the stage.

Tickets for The Michael Allman Band show are available here. General admission is $20, discounted advance tickets are $10. The Wormhole is offering a limited number of VIP tickets and table reservations.

Click here to visit The Michael Allman Band on Facebook. Click here for the Facebook event invitation.

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