Quintron and Miss Pussycat with Jane Jane at the Jinx – photos

Usually the phrase “dance beats” will make me avoid a show (call it a character flaw), but for some reason I was curious about Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Boy, am I glad I went.

Jane Jane Pollock opened, and though I got too caught up in a couple of conversations to take many pictures (2, actually), I really enjoyed their set. They played a sort of loungey indie rock that would be on the soundtrack of a really cool movie, while a stylish light show was projected on them.

Miss Pussycat then put on a puppet show about baked goods. Interpret that however you would like and you’ll probably be right. It was…..interesting?

Quintron then came on and turned the Jinx into a “Swamp Tech” dance party. While Miss Pussycat played the maracas and sang, Quintron played a Hammond organ, manipulated a “mechanically-rotating, five-oscillator, light-activated drum machine” that he invented, played the hi-hat with one foot, and sang a dirty, garagey mix of R+B and soul. To be honest, I’m not sure I understood everything he was doing musically on stage but whatever it was, it had the crowd moving immediately and the dancing continued through the entire set. It was a really fun night and I wouldn’t hesitate to see Quintron again when he comes back through town.

A couple pictures here, a handful more after the jump.