Velvet Caravan launches Kickstarter for 1st album

If you have not heard Velvet Caravan, then you don’t really know what you’re missing. I was lucky to catch one of the sets that the group played beside the fountain in Forsyth Park at the recent Shalom Y’All Jewish Food Festival, but I guess I’ve seen them in at least half a dozen other venues over the last couple of years.

Check out this really excellent documentary video produced and directed by Peter Marra for Velvet Caravan’s “Acoustic in Nature” Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign description:

After forming Velvet Caravan organically almost two years ago, we have decided to record an album capturing the essences of our unique style. Gypsy, Gypsy-Jazz, Honky-Tonk, Latin and Swing seem like an impossible musical combination, but after many months of playing together, an interesting sound has evolved. The style can be called a lot of things, but we always seem to best describe it as European Redneck Music.

This CD was recorded within three evenings with Kevin Rose, owner of Elevated Basement Recording Studio and the chief sound & recording engineer for the internationally-acclaimed Savannah Music Festival. Not ones to do things traditionally, we recorded all the songs onstage at Savannah’s historic Lucas Theatre. The natural acoustic environment (designed specifically for non-amplified instruments) proved essential in capturing the high energy of our live performances onto this album.

So click on through to the campaign and give Velvet Caravan a boost:

Click here for Velvet Caravan’s website.