Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 2/19/22

2/19 Saturday
Damon And The Shitkickers- Over Yonder (3-6p)
Swamptooth- Bluffton Roasting Room
Juniper IV, Annie Dukes – Wormhole
Vision Video, Early Branch, Kola Hak – El Rocko ($10)
Sun/Down – Barrelhouse South
Manarovs- Tin Roof (Charleston)
Eric Culberson Band- Congress Street Social Club

2/20 Sunday
Jason Courtney, Island Boys – Tubby’s Tribute to Butch Daniel (2-5p)
Rye Davis – Southbound Brewery (5p)

2/23 Wednesday
Woody & Sunshine- Southbound Brewery (6-9p)

2/24 Thursday
Dope Knife- El Rocko

2/25 Friday
Markus Kuhlmann- Foxy Loxy Cafe (6-9p)
Charlie Fog Band – Southbound Brewery (7p)
Side Hustle- Barrelhouse South
Sex With Tiffany’s – Wormhole

2/26 Saturday
Arms Up!, Lilakk, Skydiver – Sentient Bean (7:30p, $10)
Joe Buck Yourself- Wormhole
Donna Savage, Landrones, Small Talk – El Rocko ($10)
Bottles and Cans- Congress Street Social Club
Depeche Mode Cover Band – Victory North (7p)

Tuesdays –
Culberson Open Jam – McDonoughs
Swamptooth Trio – Over Yonder (7:30-10:30p)

Wednesdays –
Eric Culberson Band – McDonoughs

Thursdays –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo – New Realm Brewery (6-9p)

Fridays –
Swamptooth- Service Brewery (6p)

Saturdays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)

Sundays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club