Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – The Long Awaited 2021 Year End Post

Painting by Collen Rampulla

Hi everyone,

Back by popular demand (or at least two requests), is Larry Jack’s Year End Counts. I started this year’s posting thinking that COVID was behind us. I’m not so sure now. Be sure to get vaccinated, especially if I am gonna give you a hug when I see you.
Again, for those of you that don’t know me, I am the really old guy (now) with long grey hair that you see at many of the shows you go to. I’m usually the one with the big ole smile. These are my most seen bands (seeing at least one song counts as seeing them, usually I’ve been at the whole set).
I had some surprises this year, as I don’t think either of my top two bands have been this high before. And the top venues seen had some new entries too. Just goes to show you how vibrant and changing Savannah’s music scene has become.
My total bands seen has decreased a lot. I attribute it to COVID and the fact I’m getting old. I am sure I’ll never break my 2019 record of 777 bands. Actually, I don’t think anyone ever will. This year’s total was:

240 shows

The top venues were:

El Rocko – 71
Over Yonder – 23
Victory North – 20
Service Brewing – 18

Of course, respect must always be given for All-Time Champion The Jinx. In glad that El Rocko has been hosting good shows. Most have even been ending somewhat early, by midnight. Over Yonder is a great hidden spot. If you’ve been there and don’t like it, we probably aren’t that close. I’m glad to see Victory North that high. They are bringing some great acts to town. Friday nights from 6p-8:30p, Service Brewery is the place to catch one of Savannah’s top bands, Swamptooth.

The top bands seen:
Anders Thomsen Trio – 11
Swamptooth – 9
Damon and the Shitkickers – 8
Bottles and Cans – 7
Jason Bible – 6
Basically Nancy – 6
Rev Bro Diddley – 6

If you haven’t seen all of these bands, you are doing a disservice to yourself. They are some of Savannah’s best musicians. They span the genres from outlaw country to bluegrass to blues to pop-punk. Anders Thompson, who plays with his own Band and outlaw country Band Damon and the Shitkickers, may be the best guitarist in town. And we are a town that is rich in great guitarists. Even if bluegrass is not your thing, Swamptooth plays their own brand of psychadelic-grass that most people will enjoy. A couple of acts that are always on this list are Bottles and Cans and Jason Bible. Bottles and Cans have one of the most distinctive singers in Ray Lundy who plays the blues like he has been to the Crossroads. Jason Bibles of the Train Wrecks plays Americana and blues that come Fram a place deep in his soul. A little more lively are Basically Nancy and Rev Bro Diddley. Basically Nancy are an all girl band that plays pop-influenced punk. Rev Bro Diddley is punk-influenced pop. They’ve got good grooves and you can dance to them.
Be sure to “like” hissing lawns to look for opportunities to see any of them (shameless plug). Maybe my resolution this year will be to try start using Instagram to post the Tour.