The Appleseed Cast, Tennis System, Dreamend at Mini Graveface Fest at The Jinx – photos

What a great night of music at last week’s Mini Graveface Fest at The Jinx. Ryan Graveface, of Graveface Records and Graveface Records & Curiosities, routinely pulls together shows and other events that take me by surprise even when I am expecting to be surprised — and he did it again this time.

The Appleseed Cast, who headlined the well-attended mid-week show, had never played Savannah before, but it was no surprise that they already had diehard fans here. Jinx regulars know that the crowd can get pretty chatty, especially toward the end of the night, but there weren’t any distractions like those during The Appleseed Cast’s set — the audience even paid rapt attention between songs.

Tennis System killed it too. No banter, just serious, high-energy rock and roll.

Ryan’s own project Dreamend led things off, and he was joined by Oklahoma City-based drummers Matt Duckworth and Nicholas Ley for a spectacular set. Matt and Nick have played with Flaming Lips and have their own project Brothers Griin, which closed out the night with a DJ set. The pair were in Savannah for a week as part of the ongoing artistic exchanges by SixTwelve.

We have photos from three of us. The first set is by new contributor Dylan Kennedy (check him out on Instagram), and if you click on through, you can see the rest of Dylan’s, then mine with the watermark, and then Tom Cartmel’s. Great night, great show.