Tyrone Cotton at El Rocko

MusicFile Productions/Savannah Stopover have launched a new early evening Summer Series at El Rocko, and kicked it all off with Lousiville, KY R&B/Soul legend Tyrone Cotton.

Inspired by a wide variety of artists, Cotton developed a style of writing that blended soul, folk, blues, jazz, and rock n roll. He has become a staple in the Louisville music scene over the past 30 years, being well recognized for his stirring voice and lyrics. Cotton has toured throughout the United States and Japan, with plans to continue performing in the US this year. He is currently working on a new album with producer Josh Kaufman. Kaufman is best known for his work with The National, Bob Weir, and Josh Ritter.

The crowd loved his finger-pickin’ and crooning, swaying in the humid Savannah heat. Although for some people an early show wasn’t the right fit (*cough cough* Tom *cough cough*), I predict that hanging at El Rocko for a Friday show after work will be on everyone’s calendar for the rest of the summer.

See you at the show in the El Rocko Summer Series on Friday, July 13 with the Willie Jackson Blues Band, and check out more photos after the jump!

Shows in the El Rocko Summer Series will be on July 13, July 27, August 17 and August 31.