New Music Monday – 7/2/18

Enjoy our weekly roundup of new music, including Savannah based Black Tusk, Florence + The Machine, Tuffi, and X49 CLEANER.

Florence + The Machine
London, England
“Big God” off High as Hope

Florence + The Machine’s latest album High as Hope came out on Friday, and I’ve been listening to it all weekend in-between World Cup Games, which has resulted in a weird dichotomy of moods (RIP Spain.)

Still retaining Welch’s signature trilling vocals and lyricism, this new album offers a more toned down production that focuses around heartache, personal growth, family and loneliness. Get some good speakers, put on “Big God” and allow the sound to build around you.

Also of note, I think this would make the perfect soundtrack to a yoga class so if someone could get on that it would be great. – Caila

Black Tusk
Savannah, GA
“Burn the Stars”

Savannah’s own Black Tusk released another track from their upcoming album titled “Burn the Stars”. Thrashy and hard, the track features alternating vocals from Andrew Fidler and James May that feels exactly like the blast of sound that traditionally accompanies opening the door of The Jinx during a metal show.

Black Tusk’s next album “TCBT” (Taking Care of Black Tusk) will drop August 17. Locally produced at The Garage Savannah and mixed by engineer and new member Chris “Scary” Adams, “TCBT” is already promising to be at the top of everyone’s list. – Caila

Chicago, IL
“Freeway” (demo)

It’s hard to keep up with the musical output of ex Savannah scene fixture Daniel Brady Lynch, it seems like songs just drip out of his head constantly and are released under a multitude of names and lineups. This one sounds like a scuzzy super early Devo recording, and that’s coming from a guy who mail ordered Hardcore Devo (Volumes 1 and 2, thank you very much) before downloads were even an option. What I’m trying to say is that I dig this.

Chicago, IL
R.I.P. Tuffi (demo) e.p.
Here’s another rad project Daniel Brady Lynch is involved with, teaming up with two members of Savannah’s (too) short lived Trophy Wives, Emma Ledgerwood and Rachael Boswell. Like Trophy Wives, this sounds to me like modern take on the sound of many of the bands associated with the Riot Grrrl movement. Hell yeah.