Savannah Stopover releases full schedule for March 7-10

Savannah Stopover has released the schedule for the 2018 festival — three (actually, let’s make it four) days of exciting acts, including many up-and-coming ones making their first stops in Savannah.

Once again, Stopover is using the service Sched, which makes it easy to sort through the schedule by time or by venue. I’ve already started marking a few acts that I will no doubt be seeing. Those picks are publicly visible, so I’ll be able to see what acts my friends are interested in too.

Savannah Stopover is officially a 3-day festival — March 8-10 — but note that Graveface Records will host “The Night Before Stopover!” on March 7th at the shop on 40th Street just off Bull. The event seems like a great collaboration between the label/shop and festival — and a nice way to ease into the manic Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the official event.

The schedule provides some tantalizingly difficult choices, as usual, but I’m seeing fewer dramatic conflicts than in some years. Yes, Colter Wall and Gus Dapperton are playing at precisely the same time — 7:30 p.m. on Saturday — but many of the other acts I’m most excited to see are staggered to some degree, so in theory it will be possible to catch half a set here and half a set there.

The full list of venues includes the North Garden at the Ships of the Sea, Trinity United Methodist Church, The Jinx, El-Rocko, Barrelhouse South, Congress Street Social Club, Club One, B. Matthew’s Eatery, East End Provisions, The Grey, Green Truck Pub, The DeSoto Hotel patio, plus Graveface. A few of those venues will just host one or two special performances or secret shows.

CUSSES is among the Savannah-based bands playing the festival this year. We’ve taken a lot of photos of them through the years, but we’ve shot a few other acts on the schedule too, both at previous Stopovers and in other performances. Here’s a quick collection of pics (if you’re curious, you can hover over each and see the band name in the file name if there isn’t a caption):

of Montreal at the 2013 Savannah Stopover

Wild Child

Pylon Reenactment Society at Bragg Jam 2017

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics at Revival Fest 2017

Okey Dokey at Bragg Jam 2017

Pronoun at Savannah Stopover 2017