video premiere: “Steam Powered” by The Moonshine

We’re thrilled today to premiere the video for the new song “Steam Powered” by Athens-based stringband The Moonshine.

Some notes from the band: Starting a song with a quote by Marx could seem like a bold statement, but Michael Gerard doesn’t seem to care if it is. The rest of the lyrics to Steam Powered, the latest offering from The Moonshine, posit a world both cut and dry, and open-ended, where the lines of commerce and compassion are intricately, intimately linked. The recording itself is a handcrafted vignette created in the same location as the coinciding video which seems to say that dreams can come true, with impatience, and fishing, and dancing, and seeking, and singing. This is the sound of an ideal being stretched into an ethos without any artifice to get in the way.

Check it out:

“Steam Powered” is now available as a pay-what-you-want download via The Moonshine’s Bandcamp page. You can obviously keep up with the band on Facebook too. Enjoy!

The Moonshine – Rachael Renee’ Photography

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