Peelander-Z at The Wormhole – photos

There’s lots I could talk about with this Saturday night rock show/weirdness….the costumes, the totally dumb/totally fun songs about Too Many Mikes/Tacos/Ninja High School/Medium Rare Steaks, the whole crowd limbo, the crowd participation, the circle pit, the crowd surfing, the colors, the choreography, the guitar throwing, the recorder solo, the Tiger Claws, the human bowling….but, as I edited photos, the thing that struck me was the sheer joy on almost everyone’s faces, pure, unadulterated, ear-to-ear smiles that you don’t see everyday. Peelander-Z works harder at making the crowd have fun than most of the other bands I see in a year…..COMBINED.

Excuse the sometimes blurry, poorly composed shots, I was busy having fun.