New Music Monday – 10/23/17

This week’s post includes:

  • Isaac Smith
  • A Perfect Circle
  • Iron Monkey
  • Bully
  • Superchunk


Isaac Smith
Savannah, GA
“Young or Old” the title track off of the recently released album of the same name

While you’ve likely seen Isaac Smith around town at numerous bars and clubs with a rotating band of musicians, the latest incarnation of The Isaac Smith Band is arguably one of the strongest to date. Their latest video release combines a bit of Southern Americana with a bit of rock influence as well. Perfect for the Autumn nights on the horizon. ~ Petey

A Perfect Circle
Los Angeles, California
“The Doomed”

When is Tool going to finish that fucking album? Whatever. In the meantime, the new Perfect Circle single (which actually has nothing to do with Tool) is raw, biblical, sparse, and full of sardonic misanthropic, apocalyptic poetry. Maynard is fed up with this world, I think. I mean, he’s sort of always been. The new Perfect Circle album will be out next year, allegedly. —Joshua

Iron Monkey
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Iron Monkey is back. The British metallurgist return with a new singer after a 26-year hiatus. They “reformed for no reason in the winter of two thousand sixteen.” Their new album, 9-13, was released on Relapse Records a few days ago. For your listening pleasure, enjoy these nine tracks of sludgy noisy doom metal, formed by heavy, rhythmically varied guitar riffs, Hammer of Thor drumming and growling vocals, topped off with a nihilist aptitude. Everything you could want in life. —Joshua

Nashville, TN
Losing, out now on Sub Pop Records

Bully is very much a band of perfect dichotomies. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno wavers between soft, mellow serenading to belting out choruses with her signature raspy and hearty intonation. Much the same, the guitar work ranges from mellow harmonies to roaring solos and leads. Definitely a “not so sleeper” hit that should stay in your rotation for a good bit. ~ Petey

Chapel Hill, NC
“I Got Cut” b/w “Up Against the Wall”, benefit 7″ for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, out now.
You’re too late to buy the physical vinyl, it was gone in a flash, as well it should be. You can, however, spend the measly $2 (or more!) on the bandcamp download. I like the current Superchunk modus operandi, release a benefit single a year, school younger bands at festivals here and there, and continue to release stellar albums at their own pace.

Ty Segall
L.A., CA
“Meaning”, out now on Bandcamp.
More Ty Segall, Tom? Yep, and expect it to keep coming until it’s no good. This one is a bit of a burner, with his wife on vocals, squealing guitars and an urgent, driving beat. Now, if I he’d only tour the East Coast more.