Savannah Stopover 2017 Spotlight – JEFF The Brotherhood

You’ve got to respect a band that takes a straight forward approach when it comes to their musical endeavors. Case in point: JEFF The Brotherhood. They’re brothers. They play rock and roll music. That’s it. Well, that’s not all I suppose, but at it’s core that’s what you’re getting.

Beyond the core, the two brothers are willing to push the boundaries of what you may think you consider rock and roll and delve into sometimes psychedelic riffs or even a bit of experimental rock at times. The duo, whose extensive touring history has seen them share the stage with the likes of The Kills, Best Coast, and Fucked Up, have been together, well, all of their lives, and they’ve been honing their rock and roll craft since the early 2000s. The depth of their skills is evident in every track they’ve released.

And don’t just think that because there’s only two members in the band that they put on anything less than a stellar live show whenever they take the stage. Their garage rock style can be laid back at times, but believe me when I say they’re no strangers to rowdy shows, be it in the basement of a music hall or a sold out music festival.

Catch JEFF The Brotherhood headlining Thursday night of the festival at the Jinx at midnight (Thursday night/early Friday morning). Be sure to keep an eye out here for more pre-festival coverage as well. The wait is almost over!