Savannah Stopover 2017 Spotlight – Alanna Royale

Photo courtesy of Alanna Royale

If you don’t find yourself once an Alanna Royale track comes on, I’m afraid you’ve either lost all soul or you may possible be deaf. The Nashville based band combines influences from funk, pop, and a little old school rock and roll to create stellar live performances that have been captivating audiences since the band’s inception. And believe me, if you refuse to dance, Alanna herself will more than make up for it. In truth the only thing that could overshadow the bands killer rhythm section and Alanna’s boisterous, retro-soul voice is the energy that she herself exudes while onstage. When you come to see Alanna Royale, come prepared to have one hell of a good time because you can bet that the band sure will.

Alanna Royale will be returning to Stopover when they play at Ships of the Sea at 8:30pm on Friday evening. Stopover is coming up quickly but we’ve got all the info that you’ll need to make the most of the festival right here so stay tuned to Hissing Lawns for more previews!