Savannah Stopover 2017 Spotlight – High Waisted

Photo Courtesy of High Waisted

I do my absolute best not to not to fall for bands based solely on descriptions, but there was no way I could avoid doing that when I first found out about High Waisted. Described as surf rock meets pop meets rock and roll, the New York based band has been packing out clubs since 2014 and are certainly still going strong. Their mix of scuzzy bass lines, reverb laden guitars, and airy, retro vocals really create a killer sound all their own. Besides, when you have the reputation of turning every show into the “ultimate party”, how could people stay away? Every year, Stopover has a sleeper hit that I somehow manage to stumble my way onto and I think I may have just found it early with High Waisted.

You can party with High Waisted on Friday, March 10 at 10pm over at Congress Street Social Club. Stay tuned into Hissing Lawns for more must see sets for this year’s Savannah Stopover!