New Music Monday – 3/6/17

Check out our weekly recommendations of new music, with selections by Josephine, Tom, and Petee:

  • Dirty Dishes
  • Wavves
  • Royal Thunder
  • NAG
  • Jade Jackson

Dirty Dishes
Brooklyn, NY

Dirty Dishes’ real-deal alt rock wavera between ethereal and in your face. Pedal queen and brain child, Jenny Tuite, builds layer upon layer of insistent guitar gut and grime — think Silversun Pickups meet Sonic Youth with occasional Bjork-like vocals to crush. – Josephine

San Diego, CA
“Daisy” off of You’re Welcome due out on Ghost Ramp May 19

Freed from Warner Bros., Nathan Williams is releasing records on Wavves own Ghost Ramp label now. While this is a catchy, beachy indie pop tune, the title track, released the same day, seems to be a return to noise pop for the band. Wavves is masterful with both styles, so bring it on. – Tom

Royal Thunder
“April Showers” from Wick out April 7th via Spinefarm Records

Royal Thunder floats between the various sub genres of heavy rock, as evidenced by songs like April Showers. Powerful vocals over growling grunge/prog/post rock, there was a time when this song would have made heavy rotation on the rock stations, and that’s a compliment, not a knock. Highly recommended live, also. – Tom

“I’m So Small” 7″ out now on Total Punk

Total Punk is consistently putting out the best punk rock in the country currently. This menacing single from NAG starts with a plodding riff and then bursts into a hyper caffeinated, hyper speed punk ripper, and then alternates between the brakes and the accelerator for the rest of the song. Good stuff if you’re into grimy punk. – Tom

Jade Jackson
Santa Margarita, CA
“Finish Line” off of Gilded out May 19th

Trying to pigeonhole Jade Jackson’s style would be an undertaking that would never do the California raised artist justice. She’s managed to take influences from folk, singer/songerwriter, indie rock, and a little bit Johnny Cash and mesh them all seamlessly into a style all her own. Her latest single, Finish Line, is a masterful work that showcases her intimate lyrical style as well as her stunning voice. – Petee

Statesboro, GA
“Squid Pro Roe(d)” off of The Michael Jordan of Baseball due out on March 10th

Stick with me for this one. Take a bit of math rock. Now mix in a bit of emo, the old school stuff like Braid and The Promise Ring. Okay, now add a little pop-punk just to make it a little edgy. Now you’ve got an idea of what BiRDPERSON’s latest single sounds like. It’s a fantastic track filled with mathy guitar riffs and sing-songy vocals. Kind of like early Minus the Bear with a bit more punk styling to it which I can definitely back. – Petee