The Accomplices say “so long, not farewell” at Service Brewing – photos

I interviewed The Accomplices‘ Colleen Heine for my Do Savannah column just before the band’s much-anticipated “So Long, Not Farewell” show at Service Brewing recently:

“It was time to shake things up,” Colleen Heine of The Accomplices told me recently. “I think change inspires growth, and it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.”

About a month ago, Heine and her husband and bandmate Zach Smith moved to Colorado after Smith was offered an excellent professional opportunity.

The Accomplices have been a staple of the local scene for several years, so the couple’s departure is being felt in many ways, but Heine expressed excitement about the chances for individual growth and for the future of the band. […]

“It’s not the end of the book for The Accomplices,” Heine said, “it’s a new chapter. It means we’ll be a lot more selective about the shows we play, and our shows will obviously be less frequent this year, but we hope that means the shows we do play — like this Friday’s event at Service Brewing — are that much more special.

“And it means that, as individual musicians, we’ll be working on developing in new ways,” Heine added.

Predictably, a great crowd turned out for the event, and bluegrass band City Hotel was the perfect opener, both in terms of genre and the deep connections between the members of the two groups. Let’s hope we have a chance to see The Accomplices in Savannah again in 2017.