Christopher Paul Stelling upcoming “Itinerant Arias” release

With the return of Spring in Savannah comes another year of Savannah Stopover, and with the three day music festival also comes Savannah favorite, and worldwide troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling. As I recall him telling me about performing annually at the fest, one year the conversation went a little like ‘if you’ll have me, I’ll be there every year’. We’re always fortunate to get a taste of his talent, especially as his star continues to rise. Catch him at Trinity, which is a perfect venue for this gent’s stylings on March the 11th; click on the highlighted Stopover link for more details.

Christopher Paul Stelling

Hopefully we’ll get a Q & A with Chris & his band on the southern run-thru of 2017. CPS has a new album coming out on Anti-Records in May, and the lead-in track is streaming from all of the usual sites. Here’s the video….