New Music Monday – 2/27/17

It’s already the end of February? 2017 is moving fast.

This week we’ve got some great new songs from The Mountain Goats, Hawks, Spoon, and Midnight Snack. Enjoy.

Midnight Snack
Asheville, NC
“Shadow Chaser” (single)

Midnight Snack’s latest single, Shadow Chaser, is absolutely filled with lush melodies and stellar ambiance. The art pop collective have found a way to weave together not only a myriad of instruments including trumpets and synths but also a wide array of stylistic influences ranging from psychadelic to chamber pop. – Petee

The Mountain Goats
Durham, NC
“Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds”

The Mountain Goats are never afraid to change their style up and their latest single from their next album, Goths, is a shining example of that. In their latest track, Darnielle’s sing-songy voice and narrative lyrics are accompanied by synths and bouncing, pop like bass lines. Not a far departure from The Mountain Goats traditional style, but bright and fresh enough to draw in new and old listeners alike. – Petee

No Cash Value full length lp out now on Learning Curve Records

Hawks are breaking up after 9 1/2 years but at least they’re leaving us with a killer final album. Snarling, muscular noise rock in the vein of Pissed Jeans or The Jesus Lizard, this might be right up your alley, if your alley is dimly lit, grimy, and a little unsettling. – tom

Austin, TX
“Can I Sit Next to You?” from Hot Thoughts out March 17 on Matador Records.

Metacritic named Spoon the top overall artist of the 00’s and their output since then has been equally solid, so it’s no real surprise that this is yet another quality tune from what one can only expect to be another fantastic album from a band at the top of their game. It’s almost funny how consistently great they are while still changing it up enough to stay interesting. – tom