Cray Bags – “Sexy Bully” video premiere

For months we’d heard rumors and whispers in the back rooms of seedy rock venues, caught blips on the internet, overheard fleeting comments that maybe, just maybe, Cray Bags (née Crazy Bag Lady) had created a music video so powerful, so brain melting, so singular that it couldn’t be released in good conscience. Well, after a dark web search that still to this day produces nightmares, we unearthed an awe-inspiring 99 seconds of pure punk rock bliss. Or maybe they sent us a link, it was probably one of the two.

You know the song “Sexy Bully” from Cray Bags’ 2015 Retro Futurist release Hunks, but you’re not ready for the amount of video graininess, rollerblading prowess, amazing sunglasses, beer drinking, rad tricks, visors and, well….if you think you can handle it…..just check out our premiere of Sexy Bully by Cray Bags.

CRAYBAGS-SexyBully from Nothing New on Vimeo.