New Music Monday – 2/6/17

And it’s that time of the week again. We’ve got new work from:

  • Ron Gallo
  • In For a Penny
  • Dope KNife
  • Mastodon
  • Fit For An Autopsy
  • BNQT
  • The Coathangers

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Ron Gallo
Philadelphia, PA
“All The Punks Are Domesticated”

“All of the punks are domesticated, all of the freaks have gone to bed. All of the pioneers are saved for information tech, or wrinkled or dead.” So begins the last track on Ron Gallo’s debut album “Heavy Meta” (released 2/3 on New West Records). On an album of garage-punk standouts, it’s the outlier that I can’t stop listening to; an almost Lou Reed-ish take on the state of music and culture in today’s society. We’re really excited to be bringing him to Savannah for Stopover. Put him on your must see list for Saturday night, 3/11. – Kayne

In For a Penny
“Stumblin’ Home”

Savannah’s Irish folk punk masters released this rousing video last summer, but this seems like a good time to post it. 2017 might be a loooong year. – bill

Dope KNife
NineteenEightyFour, now available on Strange Famous Records

We’ve already included a few early tracks from and published a strong review of the Savannah-based rapper and producer’s 4th album, but now here’s the whole record. You can fathom its intensity for yourself – bill

Atlanta, Ga.
“Show Yourself”

About a week after dropping a new single off the forthcoming 7th studio album, Mastodon has unleashed another new track. This isn’t the lamest Mastodon song ever, but it’s close. Following the blazing hellfire of the first single, this track seems mechanically boring. From a band that writes some of the most interesting and provocative metal riffs, it kind of falls short for me. Perhaps, I just got my hopes up. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’ll buy this album because I am sure there will be plenty of things to love on it. (And I am sure plenty of people will like this track. I am just that one asshole that doesn’t.) Let’s be clear though, I love this band. They are one of my all-time favorites. But, you’re allowed to not like some songs, right? It’s all subjective anyways. — Joshua

Fit For An Autopsy
Jersey City, New Jersey
“Heads Will Hang”

Yep, more new metal. For the two people who care, you’re welcome. First, if you haven’t heard Fit For An Autopsy’s last album, “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell,” do that now. The Jersey boys—who played Savannah last year thanks to Coastal Rock Productions—have a secret weapon. All of FFAA’s music begins with guitarist and nigh legendary metal producer Will Putney. A badass of the highest order, especially when it comes to writing riffs. I’d say that claim is supported by this track. With each new album, FFAA has drifted more towards melodic compositions. This track is the furthest from their deathcore roots they’ve ventured, and it’s still heavy as shit. Don’t get it twisted, this band will melt your face. To say I am excited about their next album, is a vast understatement. “The Great Collapse” will release hell on March 17, two weeks before Mastodon’s new album drops, making March the most metal month ever by default. — Joshua

“Restart” from Vol. 1, out soon on Dualtone Music Group

Most “supergroups” are one guy you kinda know, another you’ve heard of, and some dudes from a group that you saw on a Spotify mix one time. BNQT breaks that mold (that I just made up) by actually possessing members you’ve heard of from bands that you’ve actually heard. Featuring heavy hitters from Band of Horses, Grandaddy, Franz Ferdinand, Travis and Midlake, I’m curious to see where BNQT goes. This song swings a good bit for an indie rock tune, I kinda dig it. – Tom

The Coathangers

Written while rehearsing for the tour to support Nosebleed Weekend, one of my favorite albums of 2016, this snotty punk burner reflects The Coathangers’ feelings on the current state of political affairs in the US. Pretty sure they’re not real stoked about it. – Tom