New Music Monday – 1/30/17

And we’re back with another New Music Monday, featuring work from:

*Father John Misty
*The New Pornographers
*White Reaper
*Part Chimp
*Blood on the Harp
*Born of Osiris


Father John Misty
Los Angeles, CA
“Pure Comedy”, lead single from upcoming album of the same name, out April 7 on Sub Pop Records.

Six and a half minutes of beautiful Josh Tillman slow build and release, beginning with simple piano and voice, eventually adding horns, drums and anger to create one hell of a teaser for the upcoming album. Preach, dude, preach. – Tom

The New Pornographers
Vancouver, Canada
“High Ticket Attractions” from Whiteout Conditions, out April 7 on the band’s own label, Dine Alone Records

Look, you can pretty much count on high quality indie rock every couple years from Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers, and looks like it’s that time again. Trademark back and forth vocals between AC Newman and Neko Case over a hooky synth driven track just feels right, you know? Neko Case backing vocals almost seem like cheating at this point, they seem to improve any song. – Tom

White Reaper
Louisville, KY
“Judy French” from April 7 Polyvinyl release The World’s Best American Band

Rad Savannah Stopover veterans White Reaper give us a throwback snotty rocker off their upcoming album that is either hilariously titled or super confidently titled. Maybe both. This is how power pop should sound, if you ask me. – Tom

Part Chimp
South London, UK
“Namekuji” from iV out April 14 on Rock Action

Noise rock titans Part Chimp return from a 5 year hiatus with a song built around a typical (for them) MASSIVE riff, squealing feedback and damaged vocals. Sounds loud even with the volume down, you know? Welcome back, boys. – Tom

Blood on the Harp
Atlanta, Georgia
“Build Momma a Coffin”

Hailing from the Atlanta Americana/Bluegrass/Folk scene, Blood on the Harp has previously served up a ‘healthy’ hotshot of murderbilly & darkness. While the subject matter may fall into similar territory on their new single, the production & songwriting showcase a more commercially viable sound that even the masses will find palatable; recorded at Unity Studios. That’s not a bad thing…just honest growth & experience that still delivers the goods. – Jon

Atlanta, Georgia
“Sultan’s Curse”

Spoiler alert, the new Mastodon sounds like Mastodon. Which is perfectly fine, since there are so few metal bands that have reached their apex of riff writing, that is so perfectly, and dare I say, eloquently, accented by soaring melodic vocal structures. The Atlanta band, who has strong ties to Savannah, released this single ahead of their 7th studio album “Emperor of Sand,” due out on March 31. The world might be on the fast-track to apocalypse, but at least we’ll get one more Mastodon album. It’s the little things. Also, the pre-order comes with a color-in your own vinyl jacket with an “Exclusive Box of Mastodon Colored Pencils.” Coloring is metal as fuck. — Joshua

Born Of Osiris
Palatine, Illinois
“Empires Erased”

The latest single from the Chicago area deathcore band is a stellar followup to arguably their best album to date, 2015’s “Soul Sphere.” Released on the badass Sumerian Records (a label just stacked with some of the best deathcore and progressive metal bands out there) this single is the first release from “The Eternal Reign,” due out on Feb. 24. This is not new music, but rather a re-recording of the band’s 2007 EP “The New Reign.” During that time, the band had several different members and a slightly different sound. I suppose they wanted to revisit the EP with the more successful sound the current members have solidified over the last decade. They were pretty bad ass in 2007 though, so this is kind of like getting the same song in different form, which is fucking cool for nerds like me. — Joshua

St. Louis, Missouri

Holy emotional catharsis batman! This “single,” which is really a two-track release (apt title), is packed with powerful cadences. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about this band — and I consider it to be their strongest attribute — is the juxtaposition of emotive, primal vocals over chill, indie rock riffs. Indica Two, the first track, does not disappoint here. Equally, Redwood, brings it. I certainly hope a follow up to 2015’s “Dealer” is in the works. — Joshua