Mothership and Gunpowder Gray at The Jinx – photos

Text by Joshua Peacock, photos by Tom Cartmel

If you are endeared to double-stack power, head banging, solo-blistering, loud-ass anthem rock, Mothership, out of Dallas, Texas, is your joint. It’s mine for sure. So I was up and front for most all of this show.

While their recorded stuff has tendencies towards the psychedelic, the live show is a nonstop gauntlet of ripping riffs, squealing solos, and just fantastic breakdowns.
Mothership played their first show in Savannah with Atlanta’s Gunpowder Grey opening. Gunpowder Gray is 70s anthem rock, but done pretty well. I did think they were not taking full advantage of their double stacks. Turn it up to 11 boys!

Personally, I am beginning to think that regardless of genre or style, if a band is musically tight, I can in the very least appreciate it, and usually get into it. The show started at the usual Jinx-thirty for a pleasant mix of unfamiliar faces with the usual suspects sprinkled throughout. This was a super fun show. You know you’re at the coolest happening when all-around badass Burke is up front for the entire show.

Also, I really love it when the opening band or headliners check out the other band while playing. There’s a lot of times where touring bands will not even be present for the openers. It’s just fun to see everyone dig the bands they are playing with. This was especially true for this show.

The cats in Gunpowder Gray were at the front of the stage for the entire show, head banging away. Mothership had some rad things to say about them too, which is always nice to see.

Another kick-ass rock show at the Jinx in the books.

Here’s the indomitable Tom Cartmel with some pictorial evidence for your viewing pleasure.

Gunpowder Gray