New Music Monday – 1/23/17

This week’s New Music Monday features songs from:

  • Spoon
  • Elliott Smith
  • The Orwells
  • Hurray for the Riff Raff
  • Emma Ruth Rundle
  • San Soma

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Austin, TX
“Hot Thoughts” title track from album due March 17 on Matador Records

Britt Daniel and company never leave me disappointed. Another album of catchy, slightly off (in the best way possible) indie rock goodness is on the way, and that makes me very happy. – Tom

Elliott Smith
Los Angeles, CA
“I Figured You Out” from the 20th anniversary expanded edition of Either/Or out March 10 on Kill Rock Stars

It can be a bit sad when record labels/family start reaching a little too deep into a deceased artist’s archives, but so far that hasn’t been the case for Elliott Smith. Yeah, they’re cashing in on the anniversary of Smith’s massively (and deservedly) beloved album Either/Or, but pretty much any “new” Elliott Smith is more than welcome on my headphones. This one was apparently a demo Smith recorded that he thought sounded “like the fucking Eagles” and gave the song to Mary Lou Lord to record. I assure you it does not sound like “the fucking Eagles”, it is a classic, minimal, and beautiful Elliott Smith song that would not have sounded out of place on almost any of his releases. Recommended for fans of things that do not suck. – Tom

The Orwells
Chicago, IL
“Black Francis” from Terrible Human Beings out Feb. 17

Written as a thank you to Pixies frontman Charles Thompson/Frank Black/Black Francis for his musical output which has influenced The Orwells more than a little. There are worse bands to try to rip off than the Pixies. – Tom

Hurray for the Riff Raff
New Orleans
“Hungry Ghost” off The Navigator, due March 10 on ATO Records

Alynda Segarra opens up her vocals in this searingly confident video that, according to the band’s Facebook page, “captures the beauty of safe and queer diy venues and parties.” – bill

Emma Ruth Rundle
Los Angeles, California
“Forever, as the Setting Son”

This heartbreaking track was originally recorded in Los Angeles several years ago. Rundle has garnered a lot of attention with her latest album, Marked For Death — which you should definitely check out. She reissued this single as a charity promotion for Planned Parenthood with all proceeds going to an action fund. In a statement she said, “I find myself filled with grief these days, similar to that expressed in the song, over many of the issues we as humans, as tenants of the Earth, will face in the coming era.” I agree. I am buying it. — Joshua

San Soma
Savannah, Ga.

I was not privy to this Savannah via Chicago band until the 2017 Savannah Stopover lineup dropped last week. I’ve personally never seen them on a local bill. (I probably just missed it. I suck like that.) After coursing through “Desaturation,” which dropped about a month ago, I am pretty stoked about seeing them live. — Joshua