New Music Monday – 12/5/16

This week’s New Music Monday features work from:

  • Drinking Bleach
  • Grandaddy
  • The Melvins
  • The Obsessed
  • Strand of Oaks
  • Roadkill Ghost Choir


Charleston, S.C.
“Hard Drugs” off the forthcoming & I’m Fine Today

I suspect SUSTO is going to appear regularly in our New Music Mondays. There’s a catchy, upbeat vibe to many of the Charleston-based band’s songs, but there’s almost always an edge too. Just pay attention to the first couple verses here — brilliant. – bill

Drinking Bleach
got u

Drinking Bleach is the solo project of James from Generation Pill, so some of you know what to expect from this excellent ep: intense vocals, biting social commentary, all around provocation. – bill

Modesto, CA
“A Lost Machine” from Last Place, due out March 3rd

A sad song to go along with the excellent, upbeat Way We Won’t single that will definitely make my top 10 of 2016. A piano based, slowly building track with some glitchy samples behind Jason Lytle’s always beautiful melodies. Really, really, really looking forward to the full length early next year. – Tom

The Melvins
The Pacific Northwest
“Carol of the Bells” from Amazon’s Indie for the Holidays playlist

I’m hard pressed to come up with anything other than “It’s The Melvins, playing Carol of the Bells”. Do it. – Tom

The Obsessed
“Sodden Jackyl”, an Adult Swim release.

Wino is back, with a brand new supporting cast. The St. Vitus frontman has assembled some new cohorts and fired up his previous project, The Obsessed. They’ve rerecorded an early single from 1983 for Adult Swim Singles, and, seriously, how metal is the title “Sodden Jackyl”? The tune itself is straight up classic stoner rock, and there is apparently a full length in the near future. Cool. – Tom

Strand of Oaks
Philadelphia, Pa. (Originally, Goshen, Indiana)
“Radio Kids”

Strand of Oaks has released a new single, “Radio Kids,” off the forthcoming studio album, “Hard Love.” The new joint, their fourth album, drops February 17 in the year of our new overlord two-thousand, and seventeen. Strand of Oaks, 34-year-old Timothy Showalter, has seized on the late 90s nostalgia of his teenage years in his songwriting of late. Drifting slightly from his folk/Americana roots on the first two albums, his last album, “Heal,” showcased a love of 80s as well. Personally, I loved the muscular, gritty, southern-rock edge he coated his pop-rock center with on the last album. It was my go-to music for about two months this past year. Similar to “Goshen 97,” the opening track on that album, “Radio Kids” is lyrically and musical nostalgic. Showalter reminiscence of the good ‘ole days. Not the 1950s our freshly-minted overlord dreams about, but the pre-Internet days where you had to listen to radio constantly to hear new music, or your favorite tunes. Instead of making sure you follow all the right Twitter accounts (NPR) so you don’t miss new music from your favorite bands (Strands of Oak). – Joshua

Roadkill Ghost Choir
DeLand, Florida
“Classics (Die Young)”

Savannah Stopover Music Festival alums Roadkill Ghost Choir have harnessed a more rocking sound on their latest single. “Classics (Die Young)” is some amalgam of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, a little bit a departure for the Florida band, but not in any way a pejorative comment. It’s a rad tune. The song’s late bridge seems to be pulled straight from the The Boss’s toolbox. This is the first single of their forthcoming double album. “False Youth Etcetera Vol. 1,” the band’s sophomore studio effort, will be officially released on February 3rd. Vol. 2 will hit the world on April 14th of the year of our orange overlord two-thousand and seventeen. They teamed up with Pledge Music for some pre-order goodies. Check it out here– Joshua