New Music Monday – 9/19/16

It’s that time of the week again. If you’re looking for new tunes, we’ve got some every week.

Dan Deacon
Baltimore, MD
“Change Your Life (You Can Do It)”

A propulsive new song and video from electronic artist Dan Deacon. No mention of an upcoming album yet, but the song has been in the set list for a little while now. Urgent beats, synthesized vocals, and a visuals from Deacon’s legendary crowd participation live show. Good stuff all around. – Tom

Christian Fitness
Cardiff, UK
“This Taco Is Not Correct” out now on Bandcamp

The solo project from Falco of Future of The Left / McLusky, Christian Fitness is in the same vein as his other output and certainly if you like the aforementioned bands, you’ll dig this. Almost as catchy as it is abrasive, snarky, and clever. Fuzzed out bass, angular guitar, clean drums and the occasional synth. Fantastic. – Tom

High on Fire
Oakland, CA
“The Black Plot” off of Luminiferous, out now on Entertainment One

Apparently people make videos for songs that have been out over a year?? Well, this one from Matt Pike’s High on Fire is totally worth it if you’re into awesome metal (one of last year’s best),and psychedelic Heavy Metal style animation (you know.. vikings, demons, trolls, witches, cartoon boobies). Awesome, dude. – Tom

Chrome Pony
“Sticky Bloom”

A trippy new song and video from Chrome Pony, who lit up The Jinx a few months ago with one of my favorite live sets of 2016. And if you like this kind of psychedelic-meets-garage rock, check out the EP Hot Rhetoric here. – bill

Cold Shower EP now available on Broken Circles

Originally a surf rock outfit with a misspelled name that arose out of Savannah’s DIY/house show scene, Triathalon has reached another tier with the current slow jams and neo-soul nods. – bill


Against Me!

Gainesville, FL
“Crash” from Shape Shift With Me

The much awaited followup to Against Me!’s last record, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, sees Laura Jane Grace baring her emotions like never before. The newest album focuses less on the struggles of being a transgendered person in today’s world and more on the struggles of maintaining relationships in general. It’s loud, fast, and just as catchy as one would expect making for a fun ride the entire way through. – Petee