New Music Monday – 8/8/16

It’s that time of the week again. Here are some new songs and records that our contributors are listening to. Click on through to find more by the artists and to follow them on social media. Enjoy!

Blind Pilot
Portland, OR
“And Then Like Lions”

It’s too early for me to have a favorite from Blind Pilot’s new album due out on August 12, but after listening one time through I can tell this one of those albums I’ll put on and let play all of the way through while hanging around the house. That’s a good thing, I can’t say that about most bands I like these days. – Jason

Mandolin Orange
Chapel Hill, NC
“Wildfire” from the new album Blindfaller due out September 30 on Yep Roc Records

I had never even heard of Mandolin Orange until a few weeks ago when this song appeared on a new music playlist I follow. If it were on vinyl I’d have worn it out by now. Mandolin Orange is touring this fall, and although they’re not stopping in Savannah, you can catch them in Charleston, Athens, or Atlanta in October. – Jason

Big Scary
Melbourne, VIC Australia
“The Opposite of Us” from the new LP Animal due out on Pieater September 2

What can I say, this is one of several songs Big Scary released ahead of the upcoming LP and I’m liking the groove. – Jason

“Horseshoe Crab” off the forthcoming album Everyone Else

Slothrust really impressed in their set opening for Highly Suspect recently at The Jinx here in Savannah, and I’m ever more enthralled by the density and variation of the music and the penetrating lyrics. – bill

San Francisco,CA
“Six Years on Dope” off First Ditch Effort due Oct. 7 on Fat Wreck Chords

NOFX has never been shy about their love of illicit substances, having written such….uhhh…. classics as “Drugs Are Good”, “Pharmacist’s Daughter”, and “Whoops, I OD’ed”, but now Fat Mike and Eric Melvin are in the uncharted territory of relative sobriety. Six Years on Dope retains their by now signature NOFX sound but finds Mike and Melvin trading lines that don’t make drugs sound nearly as fun as before. – Tom

Chicago, IL
“If I Ever Was A Child” from Schmilco (yes, seriously) out Sept. 9th on Anti Records.

Do you like Wilco? Yeah? Then you pretty much know exactly what this is going to sound like, it’s a mellow, acoustic based Wilco song. Tweedy sounds great, the vibe is upbeat, and, hell, it’s Wilco, so, you know, you’re going to get some pretty solid Dad Rock. – Tom


This one is electric, and a little quirkier, maybe in the vein of some of the stuff off of last year’s Star Wars. Circular verses build to a repeating chorus that sounds a lot like Wilco tends to sound, which, in general, is pretty cool. – Tom

Los Angeles
“New Song”

Warpaint’s heavily dream pop inspired indie rock sound has been captivating groove enthusiast worldwide for quite a while now. Their tracks range from something you’d expect to hear in a sultry lounge to those that you’d imagine at the chillest of coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. “New Song” emphasizes the former of the two using their trademark combo of synths and infectious guitar riffs. – Petee

Dinosaur Jr.
Amherst, Massachusetts
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Many things change over time but Dinosaur Jr.’s classic 80’s slacker rock sound isn’t one of them. Complex and engaging guitar lines are the bread and butter of the the 30+ year old band and their newest album holds on to that tried and true formula. – Petee

Dog Party
Sacramento, CA
‘Til You’re Mine

Good things come in pairs, right? Well, the Giles sisters that comprise Sacramento’s Dog Party are a prime example of that. Their Ramones influenced indie punk sound is totally engrossing and their fifth album to date, ‘Til You’re Mine, is a beast of a good time. For two artists who haven’t even hit the legal drinking age, Dog Party is easily one of the hardest working and best sounding bands out right now. -Petee