Valore releases new album “Gritty Marsha Brady”

From “Valore’s Eurotrip; Savannah’s Gritty Marsha Brady takes spoken word/hip-hop skills overseas” by Anna Chandler in this week’s Connect Savannah:

With a musical journey propelled forward by constant motion and a new album, the hustling spoken word/hip-hop artist took a big leap this week: quitting her day job to pursue music full-time.

Valore’s taken her one-woman show on the road previously, but she’ll kick off her fresh musical start with a benchmark accomplishment: a European tour.

As a committed DIY musician, Valore’s orchestrated her tour without the aid of booking agents or management, preferring a casual, take-it-as-it-comes approach to her itinerary.

“I just want to find a bunch of weirdos to jam with and find some new sounds,” she says. “That’s my whole goal: find weird DJs and dance in dirty bars.”

None of the hissing lawns crew could make it, but Valore released the new album Gritty Marsha Brady with a big show on Thursday night at The Jinx. Check out the stream on Bandcamp:

It’s hard to know if there’s a lasting trend in place, but Savannah’s hip hop scene seems to finding new outlets. The longtime label Dope Sandwich is still active, and we’ve also got individual artists like Valore and lots of new work poised to be released by The Garage and Aphelion Records.