Code Orange, Down In It, Without, Yashira at Dollhouse – photos

Another Thursday night hardcore show at Dollhouse Productions, this one featuring Pittsburgh hardcore juggernaut Code Orange, North Carolina metalcore outfit Down In It, Savannah’s own Without and Jacksonville’s Yashira.

I couldn’t make it in time to catch Yashira, unfortunately, but the rest of the bill was crushing. Code Orange, in particular, sounded massive, pummeling the crowd with surprisingly varied compositions, while still staying planted firmly in huge, abrasive, super energetic, metal clad hardcore. At the same time a small portion of the crowd pummeled each other, while taking up a disproportionate amount of space in front of the stage, for whatever reason. Much like the Bane show, turnout for the show seemed pretty great.

Pointlessly low light, band members in constant motion, and my unwillingness to shoot flash make for tough photography conditions, but here’s what I got.

Code Orange-2

Down In It-1




Down In It
Down In It-2

Down In It-3

Down In It-4

Down In It-5

Code Orange
Code Orange-7

Code Orange-6

Code Orange-5

Code Orange-4

Code Orange-3

Code Orange-1

Code Orange-8

Code Orange-9

Code Orange-10

Code Orange-11

Code Orange-12

Code Orange-13

Code Orange-14