The Bunny Gang, The Attack, and Wet Brain at The Jinx – photos

Stopover has passed and the Savannah Music Festival is in full swing, but there are still plenty of great club shows right now in Savannah. Case in point, last Saturday’s show at The Jinx featuring Wet Brain, The Bunny Gang, and The Attack. The show was a punk fan’s dream: Wet Brain’s surfy, post-punk featuring a dual bass onslaught, The Bunny Gang’s classic two-tone ska sound, and The Attack’s hardcore infused, street punk made for a great show.

Check out a few shots below and hit the jump for the full set!

Bunny Gang04

The Attack01

Wet Brain01

Wet Brain06

Wet Brain05

Wet Brain03

Wet Brain02

Bunny Gang02

Bunny Gang01

Bunny Gang05

Bunny Gang06

Bunny Gang07

The Attack05

The Attack06

The Attack03

The Attack04

The Attack02_1

The Attack07