Stopover Spotlight… Say Brother


Say Brother plays Saturday March 12th at The Jinx // 3pm

A true dark horse on the Savannah Stopover lineup, Say Brother are closer to veterans than their one album on Spotify, All I Got Is Time, suggests. The pride of Columbia, SC, Say Brother’s reputation precedes themselves in the Southeast for their straight-from-the-bottle blues rock and roll and spirited live shows. Tripp LaFrance and company are a real ‘dirt of the earth’ crew; they wear it on their sleeve as they swashbuckle and stomp through country rockers that pay homage to Waylon Jennings and Creedence Clearwater Revival. But this crew’s menace is matched by their songs, so full of hooks and memorable guitar lines… Perfect for either pouring another or starting off your Stopover Saturday afternoon at The Jinx.

Lead singer Tripp LaFrance below with some downright real talk:

How many beers have y’all collectively taken down in a night?

ill put it to ya this way, i have seen more beer cans in the grass round the fire than ive ever seen dollar bills in my bank account

How would you describe your music?

we’re like a good beatles

If your music were a car, what type of car would it be?

like a civic with a lift kit with a no fear sticker with flames around it. maybe one of those banner windshield stickers that says like real men eat steak or somethin

From my perspective, Say Brother rolls deep. There are as many as eight of y’all on stage and usually a travelling party that is double that. Has that always been the case? How many people can we expect to see this go around?

its all bout havin a good time mayne, we have our tight knit crew but we want everybody on the team. this tour well be lucky to have a full band haha, drummers are stressful. not everybody so eager to not get paid or sleep in a van for three weeks.

With so many people in your band and wrecking crew, is it hard to keep track of everybody once the night starts kicking in?

once it hits bout 11:30 its pretty much a godspeed kinda thing. im startin a buddy system for this one.

Say Brother’s music pays tribute to a lot of older music: the blues ‘70s rock fusion of Creedence, the charisma of Waylon Jennings, the hollerin’ nature of Chuck Berry. Would you say you relate to classic artists more?

absolutely. but honestly, an i feel kinda bad for sayin so, i havent really dug deep enough into current music to find more than a handful of bands im really diggin. so that could jus be fault of mine.

What do you try to write about?

i pretty much write the lyrics as i make up the melody, so its gibberish that eventually turns into a song. i like to think that its jus whatevers on my mind most at the time. its like screamin into a pillow or somethin.

Any modern acts you’re keepin’ an eye on?

susto, lost dog street band, yes maam, oxenfree, karmessiah, toro, mike collins jr, hermits victory, the blackfoot gypsies.

A friend’s band you can’t stop listening to right now?

lost dog street band, theyre outta nashville. booked a show for em in columbia an since i saw them live their bandcamp has been on nonstop.

Most bizarre thing to happen at one of your shows?

our previous bass player got cut off from the bar at 7 pm. he threw a tantrum on stage an, still plugged in, went outside an finished the set sittin down on the sidewalk. bizarre because throughout all the stompin round an as drunk as he was, he never missed a note. it was heroic.

What does y’all’s pregame consist of? Liquor of choice?

jim beam an busch light without fail. we gross. i think we get to the bar as drunk as people leave it.

Ranch or hot sauce?


Song to get the party going?

Favorite piece of American history?

i think its happenin right now. theres an empowerment of equality an i think somethin beautiful is about to happen.

Biggest badass you know?

reno gooch

Best present you ever got?

my longhorn necklace. wear it everyday.

Favorite cartoon?

all time: the simpsons

current: adventure time

Favorite tattoo?

prolly the one on my back that jus says “BEER”

Best Rolling Stones song?

tie between sweet virginia an the girl with far away eyes

You got one day to live, what do you do?


Two records you have on a deserted island?

ccr- green river

wu tang- 36 chambers

What have you learned from tours in the past: good and bad?

dont have a gin an tonic before nine am, that one is good that turns into bad. always introduce yourself to everyone, especially the bands you play with. actually WATCH the bands you play with. take pictures. spread love. meet the bar owner, dont hit on the bartender. still tryna get that one straight haha.

Show, book, or movie, you’re all about?

the office. shit is on somewhere in my house constantly. an im pretty sure my crew still thinks were either the warriors or the outsiders so theres your movie an book. got all three NAILED IT.

Jimmy Buffet?

yeah i could eat

What’s the one thing you can’t miss when going to Columbia, SC?

any show affiliated with fork and spoon records or scene sc. there is some fuckin true talent brewin here an im happy to be a part of this.