Torche plays The Jinx Thursday – preview

Hey, everybody knows that the mighty Torche is playing (read as “laying waste to”) The Jinx Thursday night, right? That’s probably tonight by the time you read this. If you know who Torche is, you’re already planning to be there. If you don’t, but like heavy, and boy do I mean HEAVY, rock, I cannot recommend this show highly enough. Torche plays way downtuned, thunderous, but somehow melodic and amazingly catchy rock of the highest order. More hooks than a tackle box. Oh, that’s bad. Let’s try again. More hooks than Mike Tyson. Ughh, still no good. More hooks than Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Yikes, that’s no better. Here, just check out this rad video featuring one of their signature songs, and, perhaps more importantly, kickball.

Be there. Bring earplugs. Not kidding.

Here’s a few shots from the last time they came through town and I barely knew how to use my camera.




Support by Jeff Carey and Day Old Man. Show up early. Get your money’s worth.