Breakers, Black Beach, Midriffs and The Mumzees at The Jinx – photos

The Jinx? A Dad Joke show? I’m in. I know I’m starting to sound like a cheerleader (whatever you do, DO NOT picture me in a cheerleader uniform, nobody wants that. What’s that? Too late? Oh man, sorry.) for the Dad Joke guys, but so far they haven’t steered me wrong. More high quality, super solid, headed-toward-really-great touring bands coupled with one of Savannah’s quickest rising acts.

For Dad Joke 12 touring bands were Boston based Midriffs and Black Beach plus the ATL’s The Mumzees. All three bands shredded through fuzzy, catchy, uptempo, punky power pop. Guitar heroics all around, this kind of stuff gives me hope for the future of rock music. Killer. Savannah’s Breakers are probably the most buzzed about outfit in SAV currently, and a great crowd stuck around late to see their classic alt/new wave indebted show. Fun night.


Black Beach-5

The Mumzees-4





Black Beach
Black Beach-3

Black Beach-4

Black Beach-1

Black Beach-2

Black Beach-6

Black Beach-7

The Mumzees
The Mumzees-1

The Mumzees-2

The Mumzees-3

The Mumzees-5

The Mumzees-6