Jason Bible releases solo record with special show at the Gingerbread House – photos

When he first takes the stage, Jason Bible of The Train Wrecks approaches the microphone with a seeming reluctance. He often looks down, and sort of shuffles along, with a certain self-deprecating air.

But then Jason attacks the guitar and his slightly raspy voice takes command of the room.

The last time I saw Jason Bible perform solo was at a private party for a mutual friend. He was so good in that setting that I knew I had to see his recent gig at the Gingerbread House, where he released his wonderful new solo CD. I feared at first that the setting would feel too formal, but Bible and his Train Wrecks’ bandmate Jeremy Hammons clearly put some real thought into the venue. The room, which easily held the audience of over 100, sounded great.

The show was billed as a night of storytelling and music, and Jason is for sure a wonderful storyteller, in part because of that modest presence. His stories were short and moving — a revelation at Hank Williams’ grave, the inspiration that he finds in the life of a deceased friend. Such stories dotted the show, which included both Jason’s originals and some masterful covers.

Payne Bridges, a really solid singer-songwriter, opened the show. This was my first time hearing Bridges, and I’ll be sure to check her out again.

The lighting and sight lines weren’t necessarily ideal for photography, but the overall effect fit the mood of the night.













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