King Dude fun facts

Have y’all listened to King Dude? I’ll admit it, his music was a little spooky to me at first. His shit can’t be described as anything other than sinister. His voice is so low, so croaky, that it evokes this spiritual presence, and listening to it makes me feel like I should create witchcraft. Even just from looking at his album cover – a portrait of himself in sort of a vampire-like form: straight-faced, with a foggy background and a skull of an animal lying next to him – it is seriously dark (like, in a totally satanic way).

But after talking to King Dude, whose real name is TJ Cowgill, he’s really not that scary after all. Here are some fun facts about this artist to put you at ease (just in case you were too scared to see his October 10th show at the Jinx):

1. Last time he was in Savannah, about fifteen years ago, he crashed with some of the guys from Kylesa, and discovered his distaste for palmetto bugs, and even more than that – the spiders that eat palmetto bugs.

2. He is quite the fashionista – he has his own clothing company called Actual Pain, selling everything from tops to socks. Right now, he says he is too busy to put men’s jeans back into production, but that might change in 2016 (just in case you were interested).

3. When he seldom DJs, he doesn’t like doing it. He says it’s because he can’t please everyone in the crowd when he jumps between Harry Nilsson and Migos tracks, but also, he thinks playing his own music is way more fun.

Listen to King Dude’s newest album Songs of Flesh & Blood, in the Key of Light below – and buy a ticket for his Savannah show on 10/10 at The Jinx before it sells out.