Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 9/17/15 – 9/24/15

Hey guys,
It looks like we have another week with plenty of music to choose from. The weekend starts on Thursday this week with a big show at the Jinx. There are also several Savannah bands playing around town tonight that you would enjoy, including Bottles & Cans at the Bayou Cafe. On Friday, I would like to head out to Pooler for one of my favorite bands, the Accomplices, in their last area show for a bit. But if I end up staying in town, I will probably bounce from the Jinx to Barrelhouse, both shows should be lots of fun.

One of my favorite annual events, Statts Fest, is at the Jinx this Saturday, with plenty of local bands throughout the day. And the music continues into next week, with another good show at the Jinx on Monday and early, all-ages shows on Tuesday (Foxy Loxy) and Wednesday (Sentient Bean). Although it is still a few more days away, I added next Thursday as a bonus on this list, since there are so many good shows on that night. I hope to see you somewhere around.

Thursday 17th
Ben Keiser Band (Sav’h rock) – Barrelhouse South
Bottles & Cans (Sav’h blues) – Bayou Cafe
Diarrhea Planet (Nashville rock), Burns Like Fire (Athens punk rock & roll) – Jinx ($10)
Jason Bible (Train Wrecks frontman) – Molly MacPherson’s

Friday 18th
Accomplices (Sav’h lowcountry string band) – Wild Wing Cafe (Pooler)
Big Something (Burlington, NC rock w/ trumpet & sax), SPORE (Jacksonville electrofunk jam) – Barrelhouse South
Dope Sandwich 10th Anniversary ShowJinx ($5)
Stone Giant (Boston rock), Scattered Hamlet (honky tonk metal), Beitthemeans (Birmingham southern rock) – Wormhole

Saturday 19th
Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands (kaleidophrenic cabaret) – The Grey ($21/ $11 w/o food & drink)
Statts Fest (Joe Nelson & James Pittman, Magic Rocks, Bottles & Cans, Damon & The Shitkickers, COEDS, Hotplate, Bear Fight!, Black Tusk) – Jinx (4p, $20)
Lull, Roxy RocaBarrelhouse South
Orange Constant (Statesboro jam rock) – Congress Street Social Club
Train Wrecks (Sav’h Americana) – Molly MacPherson’s

Sunday 20th
The Winding Stream movieMuse Warehouse ($10)

Monday 21st
Generation Pill (Sav’h garbage), Mad Doctors, Trophy Wives (Sav’h punk) – Jinx ($5)
Greg Williams (Sav’h singer-songwriter) – Bayou Cafe

Tuesday 22nd
Clouds & Satellites (Sav’h indie rawk) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)

Wednesday 23rd
Bradford Lee Folk (Nashville bluegrass folk) – Blowin Smoke (6-9p)

Thursday 24th
Isaac Smith w/ City Hotel Sentient Bean ($5)
Jason Bible, Payne BridgesGingerbread House ($15, includes CD & beverages)
Bradford Lee Folk & the Bluegrass Playboys, Uncommon CollectiveTrinity Church ($10, 7:30, all ages)
Jarekus Singleton, Eric CulbersonSavannah Jazz Festival (8p)