Downtown Boys, COEDS, Trophy Wives, The Toxic Shock, and Forced Entry at Sulfur Studios – photos

Well done everyone. An early Monday night show, a venue change, all-ages, all of these things can make for a tough turnout, but an excellent bill and hard work made for a stellar, well attended, Dad Joke production. I unfortunately missed Forced Entry (again), but every band in the lineup turned in great, if brief, performances, particularly the frenetic Downtown Boys. Their sax driven, political punk really hit it out of the park, or at least out of Sulfur Studios, an outstanding venue. Cool stuff all around. I battled technical issues and my own idiocy to capture these images. Check them out, a bunch more after the jump.

Toxic Shock-1

Trophy Wives-3


Downtown Boys-7

The Toxic Shock
Toxic Shock-2

Trophy Wives
Trophy Wives-1

Trophy Wives-2

Trophy Wives-4

Coeds-1 (2)





Downtown Boys
Downtown Boys-1

Downtown Boys-2

Downtown Boys-3

Downtown Boys-4

Downtown Boys-5

Downtown Boys-6

Downtown Boys-8

Downtown Boys-9

Downtown Boys-10