Savannah Stopover still attracting praise, new videos released

Savannah Stopover ended over a month ago, but the 3-day indie music fest is still reverberating around town and around the country. Here’s a roundup of some of the festival press that came out in recent weeks, including in the last few days, plus links to some video sessions.

First, you might want to check out Paste Magazine‘s Photos + Recap: Savannah Stopover 2015 by Ryan Splitlog. An excerpt:

By design, the shows are personal. Much like Savannah, the festival is warm, affable, and the barriers between performer and audience are almost invisible. Artists attend each other’s shows, and you get the feeling that everyone is equally excited to be here. This isn’t just another tour date, Stopover means something to bands performing.

We love this piece by John Walaszek, for Pigeons & Planes, I Would Rather Go to a Smaller Festival Than Lollapalooza:

I still love Lollapalooza and it holds a special place in my heart, but over the past five years I’ve enjoyed it less each time. Maybe I’m a cynic, maybe I’m just getting older and maybe I’m becoming one of those “fuck the mainstream” people, but witnessing this festival in Savannah run off the energy of people who genuinely want to hear and discover new music was inspiring.

Like discovering a great band before they blow up, finding a small, awesome festival can be just as exciting.

Those sentiments were echoed in CMJ‘s Savannah Stopover Festival: March 5-7, 2015 by Alix Piorun:

a really wonderful festival overall, which had enough diversity for any music fan to find something to jump along too. The whole vibe of the Savannah Stopover in general is nothing but positive, and due to it’s laid back, southern nature, everyone and everything is just a little more charming than your usual overwhelming big music fest.

The Blue Indian has just posted Savannah Stopover 2015: Review + Photos, with words and pics by Sarah Weitman and Petee Worrell (Petee is of course also a contributor to hissing lawns).

And The Blue Indian has also released Savannah Stopover 2015 Sessions Presented by Dollhouse Studios. I’d embed a couple of those videos here, but they all appear to be “unlisted,” which means I’d be sort of an asshole to embed them. Click on through to check them out. The videos are now all publicly listed. Here’s one of my favorite Stopover 2015 acts — Capsula — at Dollhouse:

Jon Chattman has also just published A-Sides With Jon Chattman: One Month Later, Savannah Stopover Still Resonates at the Huffington Post. Chattman has some high praise for the fest and the musicians, and also includes a few videos, mostly shot at the artists’ lounge in the old Sub Zero bar on Broughton Street. Here’s Penicillin Baby: