the Mountain Goats at The Jinx – more photos

Thanks to MusicFile Productions (parent company of Savannah Stopover and Revival Fest) for bringing the Mountain Goats to The Jinx recently. It’s pretty amazing to see a band of the Mountain Goats’ stature in a venue that holds 100 and change.

I had never seen the Mountain Goats before, and I don’t have much to add to Petee’s excellent review and photos. I think I was most struck by John Darnielle’s quirky, warm stage presence, by the beautifully crafted songs, and by the sheer adoration of the crowd, many of whom had apparently already memorized most of the lyrics of Beat the Champ even though the album hadn’t even been officially released yet.


Also, one of the most bizarre things happened. There was a fight, quickly quelled, that broke out in the silent barroom as Darnielle played solo on keys. I have seen some wild shows at The Jinx — but the first fight I witness is during the Mountain Goats? I didn’t get a shot of the fight itself, but here’s Darnielle and the crowd as they realize something is up, and you can see a few more shots of the Mountain Goats and opener Ides of Gemini after the jump.