a few thoughts on The Barr Brothers at the Savannah Music Festival

During the beautiful Monday night set by The Barr Brothers at the Savannah Music Festival, Brad Barr quietly observed that the band wasn’t entirely accustomed to such polite, reverential audiences. He mentioned typically having folks talking loudly back by a bar. Given the subtle maneuvers of the musicians, I can’t imagine how distracting a loud barroom must be, but I also can’t imagine anyone on-stage asking for quiet — so nice, so polite, so appreciative of the audience (so Canadian).

The Barr Brothers’ show with The Apache Relay really displayed the SMF at its best. A packed house at the Morris Center, few of whom had heard the bands before but many of whom have grown to trust the festival programming. And what a choice to bring in The Barr Brothers (click here for their Facebook page).

I’d love to have some original photos of The Barr Brothers to share here, but the SMF is justifiably wary of photography at shows. It’s all about the music. If you don’t know The Barr Brothers, check out any of the videos below: